Jul 9 2007
08:18 am

Bungalow re-do in Island Home is featured this month in Cottage Living magazine. Kudos to Jeff and Karen Williamson.

Carole Borges's picture

Wow! What a fantastic transformation!

It immediately made me think of your lovely home, Doug. I'm so impressed with these cottage restorations. The before and after shots in this one amazed me. Thanks for putting this up. Do you know if the authors of the article are locals?

rocketsquirrel's picture

don't know

don't know about the writers.

Rachel's picture

Karen & Jeff took a house

Karen & Jeff took a house that by all accounts should have been beyond saving, and turned it into one of the jewels of the Boulevard. The whole neighborhood loves 'em for it.

"If we want to revitalize our towns and protect our countryside from sprawling development, we should renovate our older schools, not throw them away."
-- Save Our Land, Save Our Towns President Thomas Hylton

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