Apr 29 2006
08:18 am
By: bizgrrl  shortURL

Things don't seem to be going well in the war on terror in Iraq. But, then what do I know? I read the left-wing, liberal-biased press. I don't watch Fox News, nor do I listen to Rush Limbaugh or Neal Bortz.

70 US Military Fatalities in April, 2006. Highest number of deaths in 2006.

Iraq civilian deaths from insurgent attacks double in 2005 as compared to 2004.

100,000 + Iraqi families are refugees

Pentagon equipment and weapons cost triple since 2003

The Kurdish, however, are trying to move on. In Sulaimaniya, Iraq, tourism and industry are regaining ground. Maybe there should be a separate country for the Kurds. There seems to be a need for their separation from the Shiites and Sunnis.



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