May 16 2019
11:40 am

We're all running for President.

There are now 24 people registered to run for the Democratic nomination for President. Yeehaw!

We have a plethora of choices and lots of good choices. How will we decide?!?!? How will we decide?

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After a divided and brokered

After a divided and brokered convention, Hillary emerges as the consensus candidate. Its her turn.

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I would suggest that more

I would suggest that more than half of the current crop do not expect to be elected. Rather they are trying to increase their name recognition for a later run. In theory, they expect the Mango Moron to hang on for a 2nd term and Sanders, Warren, Biden and a couple of others will be far older then that any first term POTUS.

Castro, Gabbard, and Mayor Pete are all good vp candidates. Several of the others will easily still be young enough in 6+years to be viable candidates for the top job.

Yang actually thinks he can win. He may be right. All DJT had going for him was name recognition, lack of political history, and some seriously stupid people. People haven't gotten any smarter. Yang has no political history. Spice him up with a little name recognition and he could pull a considerable number of votes.

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