Sep 6 2018
06:52 am

On behalf of frustrated taxpayers in Illinois — those of us still here, mumbling into the firmament — I would like to offer apology and counsel to Tennesseans. The influx of newcomers clogging your thoroughfares, the eroding of your small-town charm and the opening of deep-dish pizza parlors will not slow anytime soon.
They paid $210,000 [in Illinois] for their house, which now has a property tax bill of more than $6,000. They pay more than $4,000 in state income taxes.
Meanwhile, their friends in Tennessee pay about $500 a year in property taxes on a much more expensive home with a swimming pool.

Interesting. I wonder where this is in Tennessee that a person can pay $500 in property taxes for a $210,000 house with a pool.

I do admit that our income tax is lower and to some nonexistent. Our sales tax is not much higher than Illinois. Our public transportation is much more lacking than Illinois, but hey, where does anyone need to go but Nashville? They'll soon find out it is much harder to get a direct flight to just about anywhere. Not sure they'll find the kinds of jobs they found in Illinois, but we have lots of fast food jobs. There will be a cultural adjustment. But, hey, come on down.

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Ahem, my parents are from Chicago. Were they ahead of their time?

This could explain why I like deep dish pizza and sweet pickle relish. I don't find the Chicago accent unpleasant. If I even recognize it.

They'll soon find out it is much harder to get a direct flight to just about anywhere.

For an occasional traveler this isn't important. It's good to stock up on fresh hot food for an overseas/ long distance flight anyway and where better to accomplish that than terminal E at ATL.

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I admit I like Chicago style

I admit I like Chicago style pizza. Haven't gotten it in a while, never tried to make it.

I have fond memories of Stefano's on Cumberland from back in the day. Is it authentic Chicago style?

Also, are they the oldest, still standing establishment on Cumberland, or would that be Copper Cellar?

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Ok, the google suggests

Ok, the google suggests Copper Cellar was established 1975. Pretty sure Stefano's was there before that.

Also, Copper Cellar says their upstairs was modeled after a famous bar in Chicago. So there you go.

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I didn't understand the sweet

I didn't understand the sweet pickle relish bit. I had it growing up. But then my parents were from OK and OH.

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