Intrepid Halls Shopper reporters Sandra Clark and Betty Bean file tag team coverage of last week's grueling "Take Back Your Government" rally at the Clinton Highway Expo Center where City Council member Steve Hall was expected to announce his run for county mayor against incumbent Mike Ragsdale.

Money quotes from Sandra Clark:

"Organizer Joe 'JB' Bryson tried to recruit everybody in town who is mad about something. There should have been a larger crowd."

"Incredibly, U.S. Senate hopefuls Ed Bryant and Van Hilleary spoke, demonstrating that not only do they lack campaign funding but a scheduler as well."

"It’s hard to see how fellows who can’t run a meeting expect to run a county. Mike Ragsdale can sleep easy. He’s looking at another four years."

Betty Bean has more on the alleged Hall candidacy which may or may not have been announced at the rally depending on who you ask.

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Mike Arms talked about the

Mike Arms talked about the rally in the Georgina Vines column. His take was 35 civilians.


"There were about 45 people there, 10 of them candidates, all the far-right, anti-tax guys were there. It made us feel good because they had really been working on the far-right talk shows to get a crowd," Arms said.

Hall estimated the crowd at more at 75, counting the press and those who left with U.S. Senate candidates Ed Bryant and Van Hilleary after their presentations.

The people that put this on were not professionals. For a grass roots effort they did well. Are they a threat to the Apathy Party that controls over 80% of the non-vote?

If Steve Hall is going to challenge Mike Ragsdale he better find some issues. Eminent domain is important and I care about it but a one issue campaign will not cut it.

If I was suggesting issues I would point out Ragsdale's lack of desire or inability to communicate the the Knox County School Board. Ragsdale's base is not happy with him over the new high school and the school budget. Another issue is the "reduce government participation plan" Ragsdale created by closing the City County parking garage.

And of course the low hanging fruit of Tyler Harber, Brian Hornback, and the poor guy with all the keys who got the DUI. I am not sure it is a slam dunk for Ragsdale. But if no one runs against him it will be.

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Sandra Clark and I tried to

Sandra Clark and I tried to keep a count, but it was difficult because it lasted so long and the crowd was very fluid -- rotated in and out of the meeting, and many tended to congregate in the outer room. There were at least 50 chairs set up in the meeting room, and it was mostly SRO in there, with at least a dozen people standing along the walls and maybe 20-30 more outside at any given time.
I think there were easily 150 attendees, probably more -- maybe up to 200.
Not much media: S Clark and myself, Frank Cagle and Barry Henderson, Michael Silence. Lloyd Daugherty and Kelvin Moxley were there, as well and that's about it.

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