How G.O.P. in 2 States Coaxed the Health Law to Success or Crisis - The New York Times

New Mexico expanded Medicaid as soon as the law allowed, oversees its marketplace and conducts vigorous outreach to draw in potential customers, moves that have most likely helped attract healthier customers.

Oklahoma has raged against the law since its passage, challenging its subsidies in a lawsuit and refusing to expand Medicaid or set up its own state-run insurance exchange.

You could substitute Tennessee for Oklahoma. The article explains other GOP policy decisions in Oklahoma that guaranteed failure of the ACA in that state, similar to Tennessee, compared to New Mexico policies that made it work. Another example of Republicans predicting the failure of ACA while actively working to kill it.

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I'm surprised they didn't use

I'm surprised they didn't use Tennessee as the crisis example. Many of the articles I read that discuss what has gone wrong with Obamacare reference Tennessee. The state is an example of what not to do with health insurance.

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