Jul 10 2006
11:44 am

Tom Salter is a candidate for Knox County Commission Seat 5-C (Cedar Bluff, Concord, and Farragut). You may recall that Tom got on the ballot by way of a successful write-in campaign in the May primaries.

Although he is active in the community (he is Executive Director of Keep Knoxville Beautiful and works with a variety of other community groups), as far as I know this is his first run for political office.

His campaign sends out regular e-mail updates, and somehow I got on the mailing list. The latest one is a reminder of how hard he is working and how well his grassroots campaign is run. It lists the following accomplishments:

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1) 2,900 information cards have been distributed in our door-to-door campaign. We will give out another several hundred this week during our final door-to-door visits.

2) We appeared in the Farragut July 4th Parade. Several thousand people saw our "decorated" truck and we handed out info cards to several hundred people.

3) We have placed 115 yard signs IN YARDS all over the district. These will influence many voters to support our campaign.

4) Don't forget we had 256 primary write-ins and we expect those people to vote for us again in the next few weeks.

5) I have been on the Hallerin Show and the Lloyd Daugherty Show for brief interviews and on the Hubert Smith show for a whole hour.

6) We have called hundreds more voters who we could not visit.

7) I had been interviewed by the Knox County Education Association and my bio will be in their summer newsletter. They said they weren't doing endorsements.

8) We have a 4.7"x2.7" ad coming out in the News Sentinel voter's guide.

9) My bio and picture will be in the News Sentinel voter's guide.

10) I did my News Sentinel editorial board interview. The audio of the interview may be heard on the News Sentinel's website. Here is the link. I do not expect to be endorsed by the News Sentinel but I am hopeful. The NS has been somewhat critical of the term limited incumbents, especially those sued to throw out the charter. I will be somewhat surprised if they endorse my opponent (but they could).

11) I will be doing some radio ads.

12) I will be doing a mailing the end of this week to 7,500 voters in the 5th District who tend to vote early.

13) There will be a series of automated phone calls made to all the voters in the 5th District mentioning my candidacy.

14) Metro Pulse and Farragut Press have both said they will interview me but that has not happened yet.

15) I will be taking off early from work during early voting and will be at Downtown West (mostly) and maybe at Farragut Town Hall. There are significant volunteer opportunities to hand out information to voters at Downtown West.

Not to slight any of the other candidates who are also working hard, but this is pretty impressive for a first-time candidate. Tom is working hard and working smart for your vote. Whatever the outcome, his campaign is a model for how to run a good local campaign. We wish him the best.

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Please vote on August 3rd

I along with many other people will be voting for Tom Salter in the District Five County Commission race. One thing to keep in mind is that IF John Griess is elected he will be removed at some point because of term limits.

The County Commission will vote to appoint a replacement Commissioner. Since the Republican Party will still have control it is very possible John Griess would be replaced by Brian Hornback. If you have friends in District Five please remind them of this. If you live in District Five please vote for Tom Salter.

A vote is a terrible thing to waste. Especially in this election.

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