how private equity firms play a major role in fueling the rise in housing costs nationwide

How Private Equity Firms Are Increasing U.S. Rent Prices

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When Private Equity Becomes Your Landlord

Private equity firms often act like a corporate version of a house flipper: They seek deals on apartment buildings, slash costs or hike rents to boost income, then unload the buildings at a higher price.

When Private Equity Becomes Your Landlord

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Merkley bill to ban private equity firms from predatory housing

“By the hedge funds controlling the rental market in
kind of an oligopoly – one hedge fund has over 80,000 homes – they really are
in a position to control a huge share of the rental housing and thereby drive
up the rents for people,” Merkley told The Skanner.

“Whether for home ownership or for rental, we need to
get the hedge funds out of this business.”


S.3402 - End Hedge Fund Control of American Homes Act

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I am definitely glad I'm not

I am definitely glad I'm not a renter right now.

"Looking ahead, there’s good news for renters. National rents have been trending down for months..."

"“As much-needed supply is completed and becomes available, I expect further slowing of shelter inflation and thus the overall rate of price gains in the months ahead..."

What's with the much-needed supply? Where have all these people been living before? I didn't think our population has increased that much that quickly. However, people are moving to different markets.

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Half of US tenants can’t afford to pay their rent

Half of renters in the United States have found themselves paying more than they can afford, following years of surging rents.

Half of US tenants can’t afford to pay their rent. Here’s what’s ahead

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