Jun 4 2019
01:57 pm

We visited Suttree Landing Park, by the river, in South Knoxville the other day. I noticed some of the plantings appeared to include Horsetails (Equisetum hyemale). Years ago I looked into planting some in our yard only to find they are very aggressive spreaders. Thus, I did not plant. I would like to suggest to the City of Knoxville (or whoever manages park plantings) to not plant anymore Horsetail and to possibly get rid of the ones already installed.

Technically, a species native to North America cannot be considered invasive in North America; that label is reserved for alien species that escape into the wild and begin to displace flora native to the region in question. It's more accurate (in a North American context) to describe horsetail plants as aggressive spreaders.

Eradication is difficult due to its ability to grow back from the tiniest of rhizome fragments left behind in the ground, as with the dreaded invasive weed, Japanese knotweed (Polygonum cuspidatum).


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