Mar 11 2018
07:37 am

From an article by WBIR on March 5, 2018.

"The HOA at the Sterchi Hills neighborhood in Knoxville had to admit they were wrong when they told homeowners to take down political signs. A new state law protects your right to post those signs."
"The law changed in the great State of Tennessee in July of 2017," said Knoxville Lawyer Dennis Francis."

Tenn. Code Ann. § 2-7-143

(b) (2) A homeowners' association shall not, by covenant, condition, restriction, or rule, prohibit the display of political or campaign posters or signs placed on private property by the owner of the property or any lawful resident of a residence on the property. A homeowners' association may adopt reasonable covenants, conditions, restrictions, or rules with respect to the placement of political or campaign posters or signs placed on homeowner association common space and private property maintained by the owner or resident, including limiting the size of campaign posters or signs in those common and private property areas to four square feet (4 sq. ft.).

It would appear HOAs are growing in popularity and getting a little out of hand. States are spending more time determining if HOA covenants and restrictions should be limited.

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I live in a very restrictive neighborhood- we regulate what kind of blinds you can put in your windows. But we don’t limit campaign signs (although we probably have something in there about size... I’ll need to check, since I’m on the architecture committee).

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Can you have mini-blinds?

Can you have mini-blinds?

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