Jul 16 2006
09:18 am
By: CE Petro

I was wondering if there are any KnoxViews readers that are knowledgable in employment law. I may have an issue with a former employee. The thing is, in additon to certain monetary demands by this employee, there was a thinly veiled threat of "taking what is due" (read what he feels he is due) attached. From my standing, his productivity (reliant on his hours worked) does not bear out his stance of deserving back pay. Honestly, my bigger concern is that this has the potential to turn into a criminal matter, based on the threat.

I'm really not sure if this was just talk or not on his part, what my standing is, or if I could be liable to his demands. Bottom line is, I really could use some advice.

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You probably don't want to

You probably don't want to discuss all the details that would be necessary for anyone to have an opinion in an open forum like this. Based on what you say, though, my advice is that you should get a lawyer ASAP.

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I was trying to give as little information in as general a way as I could, knowing this is an open forum. I will call our attorney first thing in the am. You validated my first inclination.

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You really need to call the

You really need to call the Knoxville office of the American Bar Association and ask for an attorney referral in employment and labor disputes.  That is the safest and best route to go with an issue such as this.

 P.S. if it does become a criminal issue...then you should call the police...get it on the record beforehand if you wish that an employye has made "certain threats". You would however have to go into detail with an investigator if one is assigned to your case...I think they would probably just record it as a civil complaint unless and until a specific crime occurs.

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KBA Lawyer Referral


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