May 2 2019
06:54 pm

...Built with open-source technology over 10 years for $100 million, and combined with a rethink of the voting process that lets locals cast ballots over 11 days instead of 13 hours

The new L.A. voting system combines a paper ballot with a touch screen. Inside the voting booth, a person makes his or her choices on the screen. The voter then reviews the choices, feeds a paper ballot into the machine, and presses an on-screen button to complete the vote.

The paper ballot then drops into a secure box, becoming the paper backup for the votes that are recorded on the machine — a safeguard against hacking.

Has Los Angeles County just reinvented voting?

JaHu's picture

I wish they would take it

I wish they would take it even one step further where as the voter would somehow be able to first review the paper ballot thru a glass window before dropping it into the secure box.

JaHu's picture

I may be paranoid but I wish

I may be paranoid but I wish they would use something other than a touch screen. Couldn't a touch screen be designed to associate each individuals fingerprint with their ballot?

I'm all about privacy in voting.

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