Oct 8 2017
01:52 am

Could a city or county implement a law or does it have to be from state in Tennessee?

14 states, D.C., Puerto Rico, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands prohibit all drivers from using hand-held cell phones while driving.


Tennessee ranks number one in fatal crashes involving cell phones

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Until and unless the state

Until and unless the state passes legislation that preempts the field, cities and counties with a charter form of government that allows for the passage of ordinances (including Knox County) would be free to pass cell phone usage restrictions in cars just as they can set local speed limits. The locality would need to post a lot of sineage tho so that drivers who aren't from here would be on notice.

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Why can't the city and county pass separate ordinances?

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They can. I never said they

They can. I never said they couldn't. But it would certainly be confusing to drivers to have two separate sets of rules within essentially the same jurisdiction.

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Cell phones have been around for close to 30 years now.

Smart phones have been around for at least ten. While it is good to pass a law against texting or playing games on your phone while driving, which the state did pretty quickly, it is far too late to pass a law against talking on the phone while driving. Especially now that Siri has come along, and you no longer have to dial a number or flip through your contacts to call somebody. If they wanted to ban cell phones outright in Tennessee, they’ve had 30 years to do it. It’s too late to take away our freedom to do so now. More people will probably die from being unable to reach someone in the car than from someone talking on a cell phone.

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I believe the 14 etc state's

I believe the 14 etc state's have laws against hand held phone use, not against talking on phone completely.

My understanding is there are nine traffic deaths a day in USA attributed to mobile phone use. And 1.6 traffic accidents a year in USA.

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I understand that mobile phone use is a problem.

However, that describes all forms of mobile phone use. Such as texting, social media, playing games, etc. not just using it for phone calls. Every time I try to call someone with the speaker phone in my car. One of us has a hard time hearing the other. Holding your cell phone to your ear is equally as dangerous as changing a radio station, fixing the A/C, turning on heated seats, etc.

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Mobile phone use and new

Mobile phone use and new technology gadgets in autos are deadly problems. Most people realize it but the addiction/convenience is too great to overcome. State and local ordinances need to be enacted and enforced. Auto makers need federal guidance and restrictions on distracting technology in cars. It does not matter if something has been in use for 500 years, making sensible laws that saves lives should be a priority.

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It does not matter if

It does not matter if something has been in use for 500 years, making sensible laws that saves lives should be a priority.


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That should have been "1.6

That should have been "1.6 million"

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No worse place in Knoxville for distracted driving than Bearden. Women outnumber men in this habit there. I have no idea why. Facebook? Texts?
What are these people doing?

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Cell Phone Distracted Driving Severely Underreported

In 2014 ...

Cell phone use is now estimated to be involved in 26 percent of all motor vehicle crashes – up from the previous year

NSC releases latest injury and fatality statistics and trends

Cell Phone Distracted Driving Severely Underreported; That's a Big Problem

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Besides the fact that many of

Besides the fact that many of us that are not distracted by cellphone use feel like it is a demolition derby trying to avoid the idiots texting or talking on their cellphones. It makes me crazy.

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