MPC fails to calculate the “cost of community services” for new development

Metropolitan Planning Commission (MPC) makes NO EFFORT to figure out the costs of serving new residential development with basic services such as roads, sewer, schools, fire, police, etc. As a result development occurs in parts of Knox county that are very costly to serve. 500 million dollars a year more costly! A report put out by Rutgers estimated that Nashville would save almost a billion dollars a year by managing all its growth so as to minimize the "cost of community services". At half of Nashville’s size, Knoxville could probably realize half as much by doing the same.

Currently we are giving all of this money to real estate developers, who get to buy cheep land in far flung parts of the county, and then have services extended regardless of the costs to taxpayers.

The plan to put a new sewage treatment plant on the French Broad is an extreme case of taxpayer funded welfare for developers. The Development Corporation of Knox County, which is run by real estate developers and other members of Knox County's business elite, is trying to leverage the 4 million that they have budgeted for wastewater treatment for the Midway Business Park towards a 13 million dollar sewage plant/handout for residential real estate developers. The result will be intensive real estate development at the very edge of Knox county, costing taxpayers millions in road upgrades and expansion of police and fire services.

If this development were shifted towards the many vacant tracts of land in the parts of Knox county that already have sufficient services to accommodate new growth, 500 million tax dollars could be saved!!!

Can you imagine what Knox County could do with half a billion dollars more each year?

Here is a press release for the report on the cost of community services: Link...



"X-Rays are a hoax."-Lord Kelvin

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Who bothers to calculate the "cost of community services"?

Rochester NY
(link...) RochesterNY_CompPlan/reference/cocs.pdf

St Clair County Michigan

Dane County Wisconsin

Red Deer County Alberta Canada

Weston County, Hot Springs County, Teton County Wyoming

They all find that it makes more sense to shift new development to already built-up areas.


"X-Rays are a hoax."-Lord Kelvin
"X-Rays are a hoax."-Lord Kelvin

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where's the outrage?

Stopping this kind of waste could actually save every taxpayer in Knox County money... where is the outrage that we saw during the P-card scandal?

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Cutting Handouts to DEVELOPERS would cover 80% of Co. Budget!!

Exactly! If we stopped subsidizing developers in this way we we could save an amount that would cover 80% of the county's budget of $629,378,174!
We would also have alot fewer problems with stormwater and better water quality overall.
We just might be able to drive less too! Currently we drive a longer distance than almost any other US city. This is thanks to our having the lowest residential density of any US city.

I see an election issue here.
Any takers? Broyles? Harmon? Ballard?

"X-Rays are a hoax."-Lord Kelvin

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I think people ARE outraged but are becoming numb. Too much information.

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