Mar 4 2021
07:17 am
By: bizgrrl

What are they afraid of? Freedom!?!?!?

The Senate Judiciary Committee and the House Criminal Justice Subcommittee passed bills to allow anyone over 18 who can legally carry a firearm to do so without a state permit.

Sheesh! Ridiculous!

It's bad enough right now that you cannot speak about wearing a mask to protect yourself from COVID-19 death. Now they want us to not speak to anyone about anything for fear they will pull out their gun and shoot us. Will we need to hire protection to save us from gun wielding freedom fighters? Freedom!?!?! Freedom to terrorize?

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Arguments against allowing

Arguments against allowing the carry of a firearm without a state permit from three past commissioners of the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security.

...the U.S. Supreme Court has clearly ruled that state legislatures have the power to regulate the carrying of firearms in the interest of public safety.
the right secured by the Second Amendment is not unlimited
In 2008, the department issued 62,185 handgun permits, with only 344 suspended, 263 revoked and 99 denied.

By 2018, the permit system had grown dramatically, with 189,674 permits issued that year. In 2018, though, 1,906 permits were suspended, 931 revoked and 2,616 denied ...

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Massey and Brig's voted

Massey and Brig's voted against. That's something.

Mannis voted against.

Now going to governor for signature.

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