Aug 5 2008
10:23 pm

TDOT reaffirms its plans for the extension of the "Orange Route" east into Jefferson County, as per a blog a few days ago: (link...)

A blogger posted that nobody would care until TDOT had it in its plans. In announcing that the Orange Route will not be a toll road (because of local citizen opposition!), TDOT makes it pretty clear that it has every intention of building the "Green Route" and, in so doing, forever destroying a huge part of east Knox and Sevier and Jefferson Counties. See:http://www.knoxnews.com/news/2008/aug/05/tdot-nixe s-toll-parkway/

As TDOT Commissioner Nicely put it: "We simply will not further consider tolling as a funding mechanism for this project nor for a possible extension of the parkway on to I-40 East."

Maybe all this will go away because TDOT will not find the money without tolls, or maybe TDOT will give up paving the state and spend money on railroads and maybe the Tooth Fairy will Rule. But I doubt it. There is too much money to be made "developing" and paving the state for people who care about sprawl and the ruination of east TN to stay indifferent.

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Maybe all this will go away

Maybe all this will go away because TDOT will not find the money without tolls

I would think the spike in materials costs, coupled with the state's budget woes, will force TDOT to be much more conservative in its expansion plans.

Brian A.
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Green Rt not going away until people demand an end to sprawl

Material's costs are only part of the equation.
There's still a massive growth machine at work in Knoxville and nearly every other city in the US, with the exception of Portland and a few other much sought after places to live.
Sprawl is heavily subsidized by infrastructure maintenance agreements between developers and local govt that amount to .5 billion each year in Knox Co alone.


Because of the money still to be made from sprawl development, I don't think you will see an end to sprawl until people demand it.

Hence I suggest the following:

1. Take the map of the green route
2. Go on KGIS and get the addresses of everyone who owns property on or near the proposed green route.

3. Publish the addresses here, differentiating the known real estate developers from the residents.

Why? Could wake up alot of people who will be impacted, and possibly expose others who are hoping to profit from the Green Route by buying up property along it. This would require a few hours at least. I have deadlines right now so I can't do it. Anyone else willing to take this on?

-Sugarfatpie (AKA Alex Pulsipher)

"X-Rays are a hoax."-Lord Kelvin

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Is there a public record of

Is there a public record of who has purchased 'options' on property along the route?

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