Jan 21 2006
07:36 pm
By: (Anonymous)  shortURL

Followed the link from Instapundit to this site, I must admit I'm really excited about it. I've been really disconnected from local politics and events and have been trying to find a way to keep a better grip on it all. I'm glad to have found this site and look forward to following it.

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How in the world did you get

How in the world did you get a pic of the Knoxville skyline with the air so CLEAR that you can see the mountains? This has to be computer-generated!

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No computer generated

No computer generated tricks. Just one of those rare days, I guess. It was taken in Aug. 2004 from up on Cherokee Bluffs at the condos. We had to talk the guard at the gate into letting us in. He was reluctant at first, but I guess we looked innocent enough with the camera and the pupster, so he was real nice and told us exactly where to go to get a good photo. I'd like to go back with a tripod and good setup for a proper panorama from up there.

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This forum would be great

This forum would be great but it is too basic and it doesn't have a traditional forum feel. I hope this gets upgraded and catches on!

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Testing one two... Yes,

Testing one two... Yes, mondo option anxiety going on here. Much to see and lern..

Shit, looks like I'm gonna have to re-lern REAL < html > tags. (and I'd almost come to grips with those silly remedial blab tags. Dern!)

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There is a module I can

There is a module I can install that supposedly implements BB tags, but it sounds a little buggy. Maybe I'll give it a try and hopefully it won't break anything.

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Lookin' good, SKB. I'd like

Lookin' good, SKB. I'd like to see this take off!


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