Said to be eying a number of facilities across the state to accommodate an expected surge in demand.

Details forthcoming...

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Where is the Knox Expo

Where is the Knox Expo Center? The new convention center, the old one under the Holiday Inn or the one out on Merchants Drive. What about East Town Mall, Dorm rooms at UT? Gyms at local high schools? Just asking.

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Merchants Drive at Clinton

Merchants Drive at Clinton Hwy. I think I read that the Army Corps of Engineers scouted it among others around the state.

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... or empty hotels? There's

... or empty hotels? There's also the Bi-Lo on N Broadway sitting empty for 5+ years, and Monday's Palm Beach Outlet on Baxter sitting empty for 20+ years.

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The Expo Center is a large

The Expo Center is a large modern building with plenty of parking/outside storage, located on major highway with access to interstate. It's also an open bay inside therefore less personnel to monitor patients.

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