Internet sources say Gov. Lee's State of the State budget will propose doubling the amount of funding for charter schools and vouchers disguised as "education savings accounts."

I never understood how we improve public education by taking funds away from public education.

It probably has nothing at all to do with tapping the last giant pool of public money that hasn't already been tapped by corporate raiders, hedge funds and other assorted grifters, right?

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I never understood how we

I never understood how we improve public education by taking funds away from public education.

Nobody else understand it either, because the purpose is to starve public education.

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Lee picks up the flag and

Lee picks up the flag and wages the Republican war on public education with a vengeance.

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Even conservative columnist

Even conservative columnist Frank Cagle knows vouchers are a bad idea, and he explains some of the many reasons why:


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Meanwhile, here's where we're at.........

Ladies and gentlemen,
Check it out!
In less than three months, Bill Lee has instituted poor shaming, food depravation and funneling school money to his cronies as the head of our States's educational system, among other things,


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He probably thought that was

He probably thought that was the Christian thing to do! The Republican platform contradicts Christianity and any other religion based on love and kindness. Lee and the Republicans are against the interests of the overwhelming majority of Tennesseans. They do a great job of representing the elite and privileged folks in our state. One of their goals is to destroy public education. They intend to give Tennessee's share of the over $600 billion spent on public education in the U.S. every year to corporations. By draining funds from public education they will be destroying the future of millions of children that have always depended on public education as a great equalizer. I have heard family and friends praise Lee as being a good man. Their is nothing good about taking food away from children or depriving people of decent healthcare.

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