Lee seems to be the type to sit back and let things take their own course. Similar to approach he took when running for Governor. I don't get his views not requiring masks..

Grappling with the worst coronavirus outbreak in the nation, Gov. Bill Lee will mandate social gathering restrictions but refuses to require mask-wearing in Tennessee as the deadly illness rampages the state, stretching hospitals to their limits and claiming more than 6,000 lives.

Gov. Bill Lee enacts gathering restrictions, refuses mask mandate as Tennessee COVID-19 outbreak surges

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Mayor Jacobs Comments on

Mayor Jacobs Comments on Governor Lee’s Sunday Address


KNOXVILLE, Tenn.—Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs provides the following statement regarding Governor Bill Lee’s Sunday evening address.


“I’m happy and proud Governor Lee is trusting Tennesseans to do the right thing by encouraging good choices instead of mandating them. That’s how democracy works. Knox County has been doing for a while what Gov. Lee asked of the rest of the state tonight. Our local leaders have been utilizing the five core actions and encouraging others to do the same. It has been a consistent message. From what I have seen, Knox Countians are doing the best they can in a terrible situation and that includes regularly wearing masks. Sadly, active case numbers are high and, tragically, deaths are climbing, but I don’t believe that’s happening because people in this community aren’t doing what they’re supposed to. I have seen many instances of personal responsibility and sacrifice throughout the pandemic and I know we will continue seeing those until it’s over so I trust that people will do the right thing if we give them the opportunity to.”



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I'm confused. Doesn't Knox

I'm confused. Doesn't Knox County have a mask mandate? Thus, Knox County is doing differently than what Gov. Lee is trusting others to do.

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Glen Jacobs and Bill Lee are

Glen Jacobs and Bill Lee are idiots!

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"I’m happy and proud Governor

"I’m happy and proud Governor Lee is trusting Tennesseans to do the right thing by encouraging good choices instead of mandating them."
Yeah that's working out real well for us.

Is Jacobs looking at the numbers of the right state? Does he even keep track of the numbers?

I had little choice but to go into a big box store a couple of days ago, I saw many not wearing masks and a large number who were, wore them below their noses. Do these people not think they can spread the virus through their blow holes? Or catch it! I don't think the virus cares which hole it goes through.

By the way, I'm a Tennessean and I proved I don't make the right decisions just by going into the store.

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Tennessee makes national

Tennessee makes national news, from the Washington Post, with the Tennessee Health Commissioner Lisa Piercey warning "on Sunday that the hospital system will crumble if residents don’t slow the spread of the virus by staying home, wearing masks and avoiding large gatherings."

While "Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee (R) refused to order a statewide mask mandate in a video address hours later. Instead, he announced a new executive order to limit indoor gatherings to 10 people and implored people to keep holiday gatherings to just those in their household."
Tennessee is averaging almost 10,000 new covid cases, and almost 100 deaths, per day, according to The Washington Post’s coronavirus tracker. About 45,000 people are currently hospitalized for covid in the state, with about 12,000 in the ICU. On Saturday, Tennessee recorded a 30 percent positivity rate, a new high, according to the Tennessean.

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Apple temporarily closing

Apple temporarily closing some stores in Tennessee and elsewhere "Due to current COVID-19 conditions in some of the communities we serve. "

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Interesting how the local

Interesting how the local newspapers report Gov. Lee's announcement.

KNS front page article heading - Virus sows division among leaders

MDT front page - No article on front page, heading reference to page 3A, Gov. Lee refuses mask mandate, limits social gatherings.

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Stopped at a Subway sandwich

Stopped at a Subway sandwich place between Crossville and Cookeville on way to Nashville today. The customers I saw come in were all wearing masks. The lady preparing the sandwich’s was not wearing a mask. I asked if she wears a mask. She said “The governor says it’s up to us if we wear a mask”

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I'd report it to corporate.

I'd report it to corporate. May not change anything, but then it might.

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I don't think those were her

I don't think those were her words. Meaning I dont think the reply originated from her.

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She wasn't wearing a mask.

She wasn't wearing a mask. That is what I would report to corporate.

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I'm pretty sure I've eaten at

I'm pretty sure I've eaten at the same subway on numerous occasions. Was it at Monterey? Monterey seems to be a strange little community. Someone there is really proud of their confederate heritage. I don't think they realize the Confederates lost the war and many were labeled traitors to the US. A lot of similarities between then and now.


The community of Monterey lining itself up with the confederacy made me think of this.
State of Scott


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