Nov 12 2008
10:14 am

Not sure if this Campfield statement is a warning or a threat:

Lots of people have been asking what we plan on doing as far as goals go this year. Unfortunately, I have been told to stay Quiet until the first vote is made. Yes, it is killing me. I think it is safe to say that not much that will cost much money is going to move that far. I expect that leaves 140 years of lost freedom and lack of personal responsibility issues to sort out.

Will it be all that conservative?? I would like to think we will be as conservative as the other side has been liberal or allowed liberalism take control of our state.

Emphasis added. Liberals control the state? Which state is he talking about? Anyway, here's a preview of the kind of important legislation we can expect from Knoxville's now powerful rep:

• HB 0990 by Campfield: Domestic Relations - Authorizes use of discovery to aid in defense of petition for protective order. (ed. note: makes it harder and more expensive for woman to get protection from wife beaters)

• HB 0995 by Campfield: Domestic Violence - Requires a petitioner for order of protection to pay court costs and attorney fees if the petition is dismissed. (ed. note: see above)

• HB 0994 by Campfield: Domestic Relations - Requires court to hold in contempt any person who makes false accusation of sexual abuse in furtherance of litigation; also requires false accuser to pay other party's litigation costs. (ed. note: chilling effect on sexual abuse victims coming forward)

• HB 3011 by Campfield: Child Custody and Support - Prohibits changing of custodial arrangements due to an order of protection against the custodial parent unless the child is the victim of child abuse or the effects of domestic violence.

• HB 3000 by Campfield: Human Rights - Establishes that persons are human beings with all attendant rights and responsibilities from time of fertilization of human embryo.

• HB 3029 by Campfield: Taxes - Creates a "tax-me-more fund" in the general fund for voluntary donations by taxpayers; all funds in such account are earmarked for abortion prevention.

• HB 2999 by Campfield: Abortion - Requires a woman under certain circumstances to view an ultrasound image of the fetus before obtaining an abortion.

• HB 0982 by Campfield: Vital Records - Requires death certificates be issued for each induced termination of pregnancy in this state.

• HB 0999 by Campfield: Firearms and Ammunition - Enacts the "Tennessee Firearms Freedom Act." (ed. note: exempt firearms and ammunition made in Tennessee from federal regulation).

• HB 3014 by Campfield: Firearms and Ammunition - Authorizes full-time faculty and staff at public schools, colleges, and universities in Tennessee to carry handguns if not otherwise prohibited by law.

• HB 2453 by Swafford, Gresham, Fraley, Niceley, Johnson C, Campfield, DuBois, Hensley, Maggart, Lynn, Dunn: Special License Plates - Authorizes National Rifle Association new specialty earmarked license plates; and allocates 50 percent of funds derived from sale and renewal of such plates to TWRA for hunter education.

• HB 0789 by Johnson P,Campfield: Civil Procedure - Requires trial judge to adjudge all costs in favor of the prevailing party in all civil cases. (ed. note: "loser pays")

• HB 0795 by Campfield: Education - Establishes opportunity scholarships for students in high priority public schools; authorizes such students to transfer to other public schools or use an opportunity scholarship at a private school. (ed. note: "vouchers")

• HB 2997 by Campfield, Lynn, Hensley: Education, Curriculum - Prohibits the teaching of or furnishing of materials on human sexuality other than heterosexuality in public school grades K-8.

• HB 0768 by Campfield: Banks and Financial Institutions - Imposes 25 percent tax on money orders and all other such financial instruments purchased by non-US citizens.

• HB 2998 by Campfield: Vital Records - Prohibits registration of a birth certificate for a child of an illegal immigrant mother unless the father is a US citizen and he provides a written agreement for financial support of child until age 18.

• HB 0981 by Campfield: Lottery, Corporation - Prohibits lottery prizes from being given to any person who is on public assistance.

• HB 0984 by Campfield: Boards and Commissions - Adds mixed martial arts to definition of boxing for purpose of regulation by department of commerce and insurance.

• HB 0770 by Campfield: Imposes occupational privilege taxes on performers at adult cabarets, increases sales taxes on certain adult materials and products; reduces sales taxes on certain foods.

• HB 3010 by Campfield: Labor - Requires certain political activities by labor organizations be funded separately through voluntary donations of members and not through regularly collected dues.

R. Neal's picture

Thankfully, I don't think

Thankfully, I don't think any of them passed. At least none of the ones introduced only by Campfield. He couldn't even get anyone to sign on to most of them as co-sponsors. I believe he was named "least effective legislator", but I don't recall for sure.

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District 18 on this

District 18 on this map:


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He's every bit as good a campaigner...

as he is bad as a legislator. Nobody works as hard as Campfield does at getting elected. Every cycle the GOP tries to find someone to knock him off in the primary, but they just can't seem to get rid of him. I was optimistic they would finally bump him off this go around. It was a lot closer than normal, but he's still on his way back to Nashville.

RayCapps's picture

Understanding the state GOP & Campfield...

Unfortunately, I have been told to stay Quiet until the first vote is made.

I would wager he's been requested to stay Quiet before, during, and after every vote is made. Each party has a few bats in their belfries. Campfield is the alpha bat in the Tennessee State GOP's.

WhitesCreek's picture

Didn't say Hi

We had lunch, yesterday, at the same Thai restaurant as Stacy. He had a really attractive lady with him, although he didn't speak to her much that I noticed. I wonder if she is aware of his legislative proclivities?

Joe P.'s picture

another view of Campfield

he gets lots of love from blogger David Oatney:

"You may think Stacey Campfield is crazy, but a whole lot of people love Stacey, and with good reason-Stacey Campfield is the most responsive member of the House, and is the one people are most likely to say they have had a positive interaction with. Rather than be treated like dirt after the manner that the Democrats treated him, Stacey's bills deserve a fair hearing-give him some serious committee assignments that reflect issues that he cares about, and with those assignments he can now set about doing good."


bad enough he is in a statewide office, far worse to actually hand the man sliver of authority.

tennesseevaluesauthority's picture

140 years of what?

I expect that leaves 140 years of lost freedom and lack of personal responsibility issues to sort out.

Sooooo.... I'm wondering what exactly happened ca. 1868 that has Rep. Campfield so upset.

RayCapps's picture

Well, the non-snarky answer is...

that's the year Democrats tossed the Reconstruction era Republicans out of the state house. You know, Tennessee - the last to secede, the first to be readmitted (1866)?

RayCapps's picture

I'm waiting on the new campaign slogan...

"Return to the Values of Parson Brownlow!"

I'm especially eager to see the orders for members of the Tennessee Militia to "shoot KuKluxers on sight."

tennesseevaluesauthority's picture

Campfield's Majority

Can't wait to see Campfield's 4 volume history of that whole era. I hear Oxford University Press is picking it up.

I didn't know he had a publishing contract with Ole Miss. Heh.

And, yes, for the record, I knew he was talking about Democratic control of one or both houses since Reconstruction. I just think it's funny that he and others seem to think that:

(A) The Republican Party of 1868 in any form or fashion resembles the Republican Party of 2008. In fact, I think if a time displacement allowed the opportunity, both the 1868 Generic Republican and Rep. Campfield would be quickly disavowing the other's place in the party.

(B) He seems to be acknowledging that for the last 140 years, the GOP has had no say so whatsoever in how any of the state's policies or practices have evolved? As if they are somehow blameless for any fault they perceive in the government as it exists? Has every vote in the state house for the last 140 years been a 99 Democrats to 0 Republicans landslide? Wow. I'm personally amazed that a political party that weak could even gain a majority in one house of government much less both. (And not even figuring in that 20 of the last 40 years have seen a GOP governor in Nashville.)

Yes, I'm rooting for Stacy to change all that 140 years of "lost freedom and personal responsibility issues." I hope he'll start with the Sundquist administration...

Brian A.'s picture

I'm a constituent of the

I'm a constituent of the fighting 18th. Campfield's views do not necessarily reflect those of all voters.

As far as the GOP's plans go, all I can say is good luck dealing with this. I wouldn't be surprised if we are looking at a $1 billion shortfall as estimates continue to get worse.

Brian A.
I'd rather be cycling.

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Jimmy Naifeh Please Go Home

Certain as I am that not all legislation including Stacey Campfield's is perfect without the need to vett and amendment it. Elimination of the logjamb at the TN State House by removing Jimmy Naifeh as the House Speaker will refocus and create healthy debate on the important issues.
The abusive power-corrupted stonewalling of the TN Democrat Party Leadership makes political leaders like Stacey Campfield a breath of fresh air. If you don't like his ideas then don't vote for them.

But Jimmy Naifeh's often repeated boorish quote that, "So-n-So isn't going to be passing gas through the House," is all but history. Everyone has smelled enough of, "his"....even the Democratic Party. We are tired of you Jimmy, please go home now so we don't waste more time on your meglomania.

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Campfield gets sued for libel


The lawsuit alleges that Campfield, of Knoxville, falsely wrote on his blog that Byrge had been arrested several times on drug charges.

Campfield said he has not seen the lawsuit. He said he was only repeating what he had heard about Byrge, and that he was not presenting it as a fact.

smalc's picture

sorry double post


KC's picture

His post supposedly

His post supposedly said:

“Word is a ... mail piece has gone out exposing Byrge’s multiple separate drug arrests,” Campfield blogged. “Including arrests for possession and drug dealing. (I hear the mug shots are gold).”

The way Rep. Campfield wrote it indicates he had some independent knowledge, or verification, of alleged arrests.

If someone says "So-and-so was exposed as a skirt-chasing drunk," then aren't you basically saying that you knew so-and-so was a skirt-chasing drunk, and that said publication had just stated it?

The Representative uses the word "exposing," implying, if not inferring, that the arrests were indeed fact. If he had said a mailer "claims, alledges, accuses," or something like that then he would be covered. The way he posted it though, in my opinion, may have crossed the line.

It's a muddy area, but writing in public about people should be done with care, and most people who comment or blog probably don't understand or care about libel.

RayCapps's picture

It's also clearly a libel case, not slander...

meaning the damages are assumed and need not be proven. That's as much a key difference between the two as the medium itself. Blogs are obviously subject to Libel. There's still some wrangling over whether or not all written forms of communication in the modern age constittues libel or if the slander standard should be applied. But blogs, like on-line newspapers, are written for public consumption and self-evidently subject to libel laws. E-mails, text messages, and IM's would be where any wrangling would take place.

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Campfield is not a reporter,

Campfield is not a reporter, and therefore cannot hide behind the shield law, so his sources better watch out. If this suit goes forward and he is asked, under oath, who told him this, some others will -- at the very least-- look really bad, and maybe have some legal exposure.

And who might that be? Well, the candidate is a Knox County deputy...

KC's picture

Has anybody seen the "mail

Has anybody seen the "mail piece?"

Concerned Taxpayer's picture

I think we need to wait and

I think we need to wait and see what happens as just as we have had change on our federal level we need it on our state level too. Change is a good thing and watching that old man who was Speaker for years is proof as to why we need term limits at all levels. Let's allow our General Assembly to do its job and then decide on their performance, just as we are going to do with our new President.

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