Jun 26 2006
05:02 pm
By: R. Neal  shortURL

As the de facto leader of your party, just how out of touch do you have to be to not realize that the most powerful member of the Senate (theoretically, anyway, other than the Veep of course) and one of the top four or five most powerful people in your party isn't running for reelection and that there is a heated three-way + 1 race going on for his seat?

Harold Ford Jr. ought to be all over this, highlighting just how insignificant his "three stooges" (his characterization, not mine) opponents are in the GOP power structure. How could Republicans possibly expect them to get anything done for them or the State of Tennessee?

Every Democrat's response to any supporter of Bryant, Hilleary, or Corker should be "Hell, George W. Bush didn't even know they were running!"

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Did they change the rules

Did they change the rules again? Can an ex-Senator be Senate majority leader?

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Ford's 3 Stooges...

Now, we all know that there were at least four Stooges.

And Van Hilleary is clearly Shemp.

Just sayin'.


"The iPod was not developed by Baptists in Waco." -- G.K.

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Of course there's a huge difference

Of course there's a huge difference in context between calling a group "stooges" and "the three stooges," but for an opportunity to provide a large headline that smears Ford further, our News Slantinel doesn't give a squat.  


Never has the left been so right.

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Compare Commercial Appeal/News Sentinel Coverage of Stooges

The Commercial Appeal is noticeably silent regarding the Stooges comments from Junior, while the News Sentinel gushes the GOP disdain for the comments.  Both papers are owned by the Scraps Network, although the Commercial Appeal has a much more aggressive local news team and they do have the ability to dive into many more local frays that the NS team can.

Both papers pander to their local community and in my opinion neither has any award winning news departments or anybody currently nominated for a Pulitzer prize.  The Commercial Appeal is not in bed with the local government like the News Sentinel is in Knoxville, but then the Memphis/Shelby County government's really don't care what the local newspaper thinks anyway.

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I'd Add This Tidbit to the Campaign...


Children in Tennessee are more likely to die, drop out of school and live in poverty than kids living almost anywhere else in the country, according to an annual report released today on the health of the nation's youth.

Apparently this means that there are, in fact, children left behind.

According to this report, Tennessee ranks 46th in children's health indices (1 being best, just in case RedDog decides not to read the article).


"The iPod was not developed by Baptists in Waco." -- G.K.

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Also, see my post yesterday

Also, see my post yesterday at Facing South about this. It's not a pretty picture for any state in the South.


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