Jul 21 2006
12:01 pm

A Republican candidate in the GOP primary for Governor of Tennessee was arrested last night in Knox County. Not sure why we have to find this out on a Nashville blog.

UPDATE: Michael Silence notes that the charges have been dropped.

UPDATE: Klieinheider has the candidate's side of the story, straight from the candidate.

UPDATE: The KNS has quite a different story.

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Rob Huddleston's Knoxville

Rob Huddleston's Knoxville blog did have the story first, though it did not list the reason for the arrest. Huddleston was an eyewitness, which may have had something to do with the lack of any mention of intoxication.

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If his side of the story is

If his side of the story is correct then something smells pretty fishy.  One glass of wine?

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This was at Jane Chedester's house

These events happened at Jane Chedester's home, as she was holding the Republican event there. She is also Lamar Alexander's field representative and on the public payroll.

Certainly not a HATCH Act violation, but this is a classic example of what's wrong with the Republican Party in our area, they hob knob and elk around and climb all over each other and then they realize there's nobody there to impress other than the same old folks that are always at those Republican things.

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Wouldn't know about that 2nd one

I don't click on WKRN links or watch Channel 2 since they hired Steve Gill. (Actually, I might just to see who's advertising there, and try to kick up a little trouble for 'em...)

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Sounds Fishy To Me

I wouldn't be surprised if he was purposely targeted for political reasons. Maybe Bryson is in conspiracy with Sheriff Hutchison. Next week we'll see Senator Bryson hit Randy Tyree with a tire iron at a rally to return the favor.

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