Apr 25 2020
07:20 am

Georgia’s Dairy Farmers and Kroger partner to provide milk to health care workers

Six utility workers in Gallatin have not left the water treatment plant in nearly a month because of COVID-19.
In an effort to not contract the new coronavirus, give it to co-workers and compromise the 24/7 workflow at the plant, workers are staying on the property.

Retired Kansas farmer donates mask to NY via Gov. Cuomo
The farmer, Dennis, [wrote a letter and] said he and his wife, Sharon, are in their 70s, and she has only one lung, along with diabetes. While he is keeping four masks for his family, he wanted a doctor or nurse to have one of the masks left over from his farming days.

Republic waste removal company buys family meals for workers
Republic is buying family meals for workers to take home every Friday and will be handing out $100 gift cards every other week for the next two months. This is in addition to a free meal for the workers once a week.

30,000 pounds of products given away in Fairfield, OH
Convoy of Hope is a Missouri-based non-profit that has made deliveries of food and cleaning supplies to over 300 cities across the country in the last several weeks as communities have been impacted by Corornavirus. This week Fairfield was added to the list. The delivery included 30,000 pounds of products to be given away: toilet paper, paper towels, bleach, spray cleaner, laundry detergent, hand soap and paper cups.

Ohio BBQ food truck gives away food to truckers at rest stop
Sweets & Meats BBQ set up their food truck at a rest stop, and owner Kristen Bailey decided to offer the men and women who drive across the country free meals.

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There are more good people than bad.

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People across the country are

People across the country are delivering groceries free. It’s ‘solidarity, not charity.’

Delivery networks have sprung up from Seattle to Portland, Maine, giving those who are isolated a much-needed boost, and providing relief from the fees, long wait times and out-of-stock notices for those wrangling with the complications of buying groceries online.

The Berkeley Mutual Aid Network was started in mid-March by Gradiva Couzin, 49, and Helen Marks, 32, after California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) issued a statewide stay-at-home order.
Since they started the nonprofit organization Denver Delivery Network in response to the pandemic, clients have told them they appreciate hearing another voice almost as much as the milk, bread and produce that is left outside their doors.
Buddy System Miami, a nonprofit food delivery service she started in March with her friend Jessica Gutierrez.
In New York City, Healy Chait, 25, Liam Elkind, 20, and Simone Policano, 25, started Invisible Hands Deliver with a handful of volunteers in mid-March, thinking they’d help a few neighbors who were in a high-risk demographic for covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus.

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The MARTA Army, a volunteer

The MARTA Army, a volunteer transit advocacy group, and World Central Kitchen, a nonprofit founded by chef Jose Andres, will cook 300 meals each weekday for MARTA transit operators. Priority will be given to furloughed paratransit workers, with other meals distributed to on-duty operators.

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Marc Benioff, founder and the

Marc Benioff, founder and the chief executive of Salesforce, and a consortium of major companies like FedEx, Walmart, Uber and Alibaba, in a matter of weeks, spent more than $25 million to procure more than 50 million pieces of protective equipment. Fifteen million units have already been delivered to hospitals, medical facilities and states, and more are on the way.

A lot of people, private citizens and companies, got involved, including Bono.

It's a great read.

Doing the job the Federal government shouldbe doing but can't?

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or won't.


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Saw a Second Harvest food

Saw a Second Harvest food truck loading up at Kroger Northshore.

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