Aug 31 2019
09:19 am

Statement from Gloria Johnson:

"One important responsibility that comes with being Speaker of the House is assigning members to committees. Before it becomes law, all legislation starts in committees so it makes a difference who is involved in these discussions and debates.

As a retired public school teacher with about three decades of time in the classroom, I have always felt my professional experience would be a valuable asset to the House Education Committee. So I’m excited to announce I am the committee’s newest member.

I appreciate the value Speaker Sexton placed on my professional experience and I look forward to encouraging state education policy that will help students and educators realize their full potential.

In addition to the House Education Committee, I will also be a voting member of the following committees: Government Operations Committee, Local Committee, Property & Planning Subcommittee."

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Great to have a former

Great to have a former educator on the House Education Committee. I do not know how many other members are supporters of public education, but now at least one person will be fighting against Governor Lee and his Republican allies attempt to destroy public education in Tennessee.

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