Sep 18 2020
04:47 pm

Is there a masks superstore of sorts in Knoxville?

Is there somewhere in Knoxville that you can get masks that the straps holding it on go behind the head?

All I can find wrap around the ears.

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I wondered if some of the

I wondered if some of the stores around here might carry gaiters with filters. I called around and didn't have any luck. I did find them on Amazon.

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If you look on ETSY, you'll find every style and customization. When we needed something between child and adult size for our youngest daughter, a Knoxville crafter created a collection specially sized, in our fabric choices, with adjustable ear straps. You can contact her on Instagram or zoom in on my picture for her Facebook info.
Personalized masks

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I know somebody who makes

I know somebody who makes great masks that go behind your head. They're really comfortable. P.M. me if you want the info.

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Great question

Seems like designing and manufacturing masks for all occasions would be big business by now. If we actually had a County Mayor that was worried about what was happening two weeks from now. Perhaps if he did his job selling a best alternative instead of crying like a beaten bully that government is incapable of functioning ( with Glenn Jacobs as Mayor, that is a self-fulfilling prophecy ), we could all go on with the business of moving forward and making money. There's lots of ways to do that. Like a rudderless ship, Knoxville is struggling right now. We're starting to have to deal with a lot more sick people. Many of them will die.

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Any mask device imaginable can be found on Amazon. There are plastic hooks that pull the ear pieces to the back of your head. Just bought some really pretty masks from a site on FB. They were reasonably priced and came in a few days.

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