Fahey is the founder and executive director of a more than 5,000-person volunteer organization, Voters Not Politicians, that spent months gathering signatures to get a redistricting initiative on the ballot in November that would appoint an independent citizen commission to draw Michigan's voting maps. This week, they won a major court battle after the state Supreme Court shot down a challenge to the initiative.

Voters trying to overhaul the redistricting process in other states that critics say have been gerrymandered are taking a similar tack. Colorado, Missouri and Utah will all have initiatives on the ballot that would, in varying degrees, remove lawmakers from the redistricting process. Organizers in at least four other states have made moves to mount similar changes, too.

Gerrymandering has voters incensed. How fed-up constituents are fighting back

Citizen and Legislative Efforts to Reform Redistricting in 2018

Voters not Politicians

An exhilarating attempt to stop partisan gerrymandering

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H.S. student invents game on evils of gerrymandering

Mapmaker, a game for one to four players, works like this: Each player, acting as a politician, picks his or her party affiliation, represented by red, blue, yellow and green colors. Colored-coded chips — which display numbers that represent voters — are spread out randomly on "properties" across the board. (Every player-politician starts with the same amount of voters total.)

Players then take turns creating districts, with the aim of capturing the highest numbers of voters in his or her color party within the boundaries. For example, if a district is created with one yellow chip with a number 4 on it and two blue chips each with a number 1, the yellow team player wins that district. The overall winner is the player-politician with the most districts.

Josh Lafair, with help from his older siblings, created "Mapmaker" to show how partisans can draw politically advantageous districts.

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