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Roberts disemboweled the VRA

Not. An. Accident.

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Sometimes I look around.

And it seems as if the far right actually has co-ordinated effort, that goes beyond just the VRA.

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Georgia election

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They’ve been better organized and have a longer gameplan

We can complain all we want, even rightfully so, but it’s undeniable that the FedSoc (Who funds it?) has had a plan and has implemented it with both patience and precision. Shelby county was not an aberration just like Kavanaugh is not an aberration. There’s an asymmetry in funds and ideas.

Via Eric Levitz in the NYMag - Man Who Gutted Voting Rights Act Says Americans ‘Take Democracy for Granted’

At first brush, the justice’s warning about the fragility of our democracy appears to be in (brazen) tension with his habit of taking a sledgehammer to voter protections and constraints on corporate domination of American politics. But the two look less contradictory upon closer inspection.

In Roberts’s framing, the threat to democracy issues not from the avarice of would-be oligarchs, but from the ignorance of ordinary people. Civic-minded elites like Hamilton, Madison, and Jay are democracy’s champions — the irascible mob of common folk, its adversaries. Self-government was not won when ordinary people rose up against the domination of privileged classes, but rather, when enlightened elites “succeeded in convincing the public of the virtues of the principles embodied in the Constitution.”

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