Aug 5 2019
09:27 am

The percolating Gatehouse/New Media takeover of Gannett could be announced as soon as tomorrow. Although Gatehouse is the buyer, the merged company will retain the Gannett name because it has better name recognition. Not so much for Gannett senior management, though. Their golden parachutes are in place. There's talk of $200 to $300 million in "synergies" (read: "layoffs"). More from Poynter...

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UPDATE: Done deal...

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Washington Post: "Proposed

Washington Post:

"Proposed solutions to the problems — generally focused on cost-cutting — have sometimes worsened them by turning off readers. The weaker newspapers get, the more readers and advertisers abandon newspapers, leading to the next round of cuts. It has also complicated publishers’ efforts to sell digital subscriptions: With weakened newsrooms, digital newspapers often offer less to justify the cost of paying for the news."

Sounds familiar.

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Scavengers picking at each

Scavengers picking at each remaining morsel until complete collapse

Then maybe a different sort of people will eventually come in and build new journalistic entities from scratch utilizing useful components of the past

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If only someone would do that

If only someone would do that in Knoxville ...

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Seriously, though, there are

Seriously, though, there are former newspaper journalists all over the country doing what Compass and KnoxTNToday are doing -- creating new outlets to fill gaps we see in local journalism. We have different business models and different audiences and different approaches, but we all want to commit journalism. Sandra uses a sponsorship business model for her website, and while there is some overlap, seeks a different audience than Jesse and I try to reach at Compass. We have a subscription model with no ads and a daily newsletter during the week in addition to our website. Either one or both might be the part of the future of journalism. We certainly are working to be.

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I hope you are right, applaud

I hope you are right, applaud what you're doing, and wish you much success.

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I should have included your blog (especially since your my host). You have a target audience and provide information, analysis and opinion. And, more importantly, you've endured. Thanks.

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And, more importantly, you've

And, more importantly, you've endured.

Heh. It's a tough job but somebody has to do it, for a while anyway.

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This is why I started my newsletter, which has just just 800 subscribers yet has forced the resignation of a state rep and partially led to Casada's resigning the speakership — not too bad for early days. The insanely nice people at Substack are trying to work with me to make it sustainable, in the hopes that other reporters in other cities and states can do the same thing — cover news other people aren't/can't. So please do sign up — it's still free for now.


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New York Post (so take it

New York Post (so take it with a grain of salt) says the deal may already be falling apart...


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same reporter totally botched coverage of Esquire stuff earlier this year so def grain of salt.

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