Jul 22 2006
04:47 pm
By: StaceyDiamond

Rogero endorsed Amy at a public press conference, The Knox Center computer lab as been around for years. Betty where have you been? Thus far only a bunch of hacks have responded to my posts. Candidate or no candidate, good or bad, this violation of election law does not need to be swept under the rug!!!!! I don't want to elect candidates who would sweep it under the rug, this is very serious. Stacey

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Why don't you post this as a

Why don't you post this as a comment in the thread you are discussing instead of making a new blog post on the main page every time you want to respond to someone? People visiting here from Nashville or California or Germany don't know who Amy or Betty are, or what you are talking about. Thanks!

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People in mid-TN don't know the details, either...which is one reason why we often have trouble following the more K'ville-centric threads. KNS was subscription-only for a long time and it can still be difficult to track down details if we aren't intimately familiar with the local players or issues...just FYI.

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To everyone who has emailed

To everyone who has emailed me or messaged me about this -- of course I know Madeline endorsed Amy.
And, you buncha geniuses, you reckon maybe I picked up the phone and called Madeline before I posted this? Madeline told me she hasn't talked to Amy in awhile and is not involved in the mall issue.

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Oh well, duh ...

Ms. Bean,

Forgive me for being one of those thar' geniuses. I took ya at ya word that Amy should contact Madeline and simply figur'd that you dudn't know what wuz up wit that there arangemunt. I gott'a guessems that ya'll waz being ironicistical.

Take Care, Be Good and don't play in the street!


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