Ashley Capps at the Knox County Commission meeting last night,

We hear a lot about freedom these days … but not so much about the personal responsibility, the self-discipline and sacrifice that this freedom requires in order to preserve it and protect it.

We hear about the individual rights enshrined in our Constitution, but not so much about its commitments to provide for the common welfare, for the protection of the American people as whole.

Well said. So many, including the Knox County Mayor, don't appear to understand the concept.

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Knox Co. Commission passes resolution

Who are the eight and who are the three? That always gets me when a news source just gives the numbers without who they are.

The commission voted to pass a resolution which recommends limiting the Board of Health's power 8-3.

Knox County Commission Chair Larsen Jay said they cannot actually change the board's authority without state action.

Knox Co. Commission passes resolution to recommend limiting Board of Health's power

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Thanks, Ashley

Well stated.

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8-3 vote

Voting no were Dr. Dasha Lundy (District 1), Courtney Durrett (District 2) and Larsen Jay (at-large). Terry Hill moved to defer the resolution indefinitely, but did not get a second. So, she pitched in with the majority and voted yes. Interestingly, Durrett, Lundy, Hill and resolution co-sponsor Kyle Ward are newbies - experiencing their first meeting - all hit the ground running.

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She wanted to postpone it

She wanted to postpone it until they could come with an ordinance that would have teeth.
And yeah Ashley did a great job. So did Drs. Buchanan and O'Brien.

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Knox County Commissioners ...

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Mark Harmon's take on the bigger picture.

This is a spot on primer of the situation.


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