Apr 20 2023
12:16 pm

Just got back from a ride in the Smokies. Boy, there are hundreds and hundreds of Ford Broncos visiting the area. If 6ou want to see some really old Broncos fixed up so fine, then head up to Townsend. There are plenty of the new models as well.

Ford Bronco Super Celebration

Up Goose Creek's picture


Thanks for the warning.

bizgrrl's picture

Ha. There's that. At least

Ha. There's that. At least they are are not loud motorcycles rumbling through the peaceful side of the Smokies.

Treehouse's picture


47 people were arrested during the "rod run" recently.

trobinson's picture

An then there's the 73 annual

An then there's the 73 annual wildflower pilgrimage...


Let's keep the cars and trucks on the PF side and keep the bicycles and hiking on the "peaceful" side.

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