Jan 23 2006
05:33 pm

Following much speculation, Ford Motor Co. today announced massive job cuts and the closing of up to 14 facilities as part of a restructuring plan through 2012.

According to the article, they will cut 25,000 to 30,000 jobs. Here in the South, by 2008 they will shut down the Atlanta manufacturing facility which employs approx. 2000 workers making the soon-to-be discontinued Ford Taurus.

Ford cites falling demand for their once-popular line of SUVs, rising health-care and material costs, and restrictive union contracts as the reasons for the restructuring.

This is a shame, because Ford is one American car manufacturer that "gets it" from time to time. They are the first, and as far as I know only, American manufacturer to offer a hybrid (the Escape SUV) and there are rumors of other hybrid models in the pipeline. Their newly redesigned Mustang, their new Fusion sedan, and their new Volvo based Freestyle crossover/SUV (Ford's best-kept secret, and rumored to be discontinued next year) are all great cars, and the Fusion and Freestyle offer excellent fuel economy (for American cars, anyway).

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Did you see the name of this

Did you see the name of this restructuring, err, gutting plan? "Way forward" is what they're calling it. I don't think the 30,000 people getting the axe think that is the way forward.

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I think I heard one of the

I think I heard one of the plants being closed is the same one that makes the Ford GT; if so, I hope that's not the end for that great car.

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Anonymous, the Ford GT was

Anonymous, the Ford GT was only planned for a three year production run. I think they're making 3500 or 4500 of those vehicles in total.

I sat in one this weekend at Ted Russell!


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Heck, I'm sort of suprised

Heck, I'm sort of suprised the car wasn't roped off somehow to keep folks away from it. One was roped off at last years' local auto show. Never sat in one, bet it's prety sweet.

Been in a Ferrari 360 and driven a 355 cabrio. The 355 could really scoot, but that GT has a high drool factor for me and I've never even sat in one, let alone drove one. The tv spot for that car out on a road course with the copter flying over doing the shots was really good.

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all the scuttle in michigan

all the scuttle in michigan was that it would either be the Wixom (mi) or Atl. plant, and only 10-12 plants closing. when the plan was announced, they said they'll be shuttering both wixom and atl, as well as the ontario, CN plant and a total of 14 plants all told.

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