Apr 27 2020
07:17 am

This is just a little that is being done to respond to the food supply needs during this time of stress. As we shop locally for our food we should be very thankful to those providing the product.

Kroger Partners with Sysco, US Foods, and More to Meet Critical Food Supply Needs
Kroger is not only partnering with Sysco and US Foods, but working to hire an additional 20,000 individuals from partners like McLane Foodservice, Shamrocks Food, Sodexo, SodexoMAGIC, Thunderdome Restaurant Group, Frisch's, and Marriott International.

Kroger to Accept Furloughed Sysco Employees as Temporary Workers
The two companies signed a formal agreement, under which Sysco workers who have been temporarily furloughed can be absorbed by Kroger. Their partnership will last at least 30 days, according to terms agreed upon by both companies.
Sysco said that those workers would technically remain Sysco employees, and would be paid by that company, during their time at Kroger. Sysco is also to provide benefits for those workers who are eligible to receive them.

Hormel Foods Announces Over $7 Million in Second Round of Special Cash Bonuses for Plant Production Team Members
... we shouldn't forget the millions of people who are showing up and working hard to keep our food supply chain running. They should be recognized for the heroic and purposeful work they are doing and they have our most sincere appreciation and gratitude."
The second special cash bonus ... will include $500 for full-time team members and $150 for part-time team members. Hormel Foods also has been providing 100 percent base pay and benefits to all team members impacted by COVID-19.
In addition, Hormel Foods has invested millions of dollars in the safety of its team members through innovation in its facilities, enhancements to PPE, temperature screenings, COVID-19 testing, focused efforts on facility redesign for social distancing, and keeping team members informed daily

Publix to Purchase Product for Donation to Aid Farmers
The retailer announced that it would be purchasing nearly 43,500 gallons of milk, which it would then directly donate to Feeding America food banks.

Kroger Partners With Dairy Farmers of America
Kroger is joining the likes of Publix as it bridges the gap between the dairy supply-side and the buy-side. The grocer’s Atlanta Division is teaming up with Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) as part of the new Great Georgia Give campaign, led by Milk on My Mind, to deliver 24,000 half-gallons of local Georgia milk to first responders and healthcare workers in metro Atlanta

Grocers Hunt for Meat as Coronavirus Hobbles Beef and Pork Plants
U.S. beef production fell 24% last week, compared with a month earlier.
Covid-19 outbreaks among employees have closed about a dozen U.S. meatpacking facilities this month, including three Tyson Foods Inc. plants this week. Other plants have slowed production as workers stay home for various reasons.
Tyson, Smithfield Foods Inc., Cargill Inc., JBS USA Holdings Inc. and Hormel Foods Corp. have closed plants
On farms, some pigs now are being euthanized because slaughterhouses have closed

USDA let millions of pounds of food rot while food-bank demand soared
... the Agriculture Department took more than a month to make its first significant move to buy up surplus fruits and vegetables
Tens of millions of pounds of American-grown produce is rotting in fields as food banks across the country scramble to meet a massive surge in demand, a two-pronged disaster that has deprived farmers of billions of dollars in revenue while millions of newly jobless Americans struggle to feed their families.

'The food supply chain is breaking,' Tyson says as plants close
Some of the country's largest abattoirs (processing plants or slaughterhouses) have been forced to cease operations temporarily after thousands of employees across the country have tested positive for the virus.
Pork processing plants have been hit especially hard, with three of the largest in the United States going offline indefinitely— Smithfield Foods in Sioux Falls, South Dakota; JBS pork processing in Worthington, Minnesota; and the Tyson plant in Waterloo, Iowa. Together, the three plants account for approximately 15% of pork production.

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