Jan 1 2019
10:33 pm

Dick Tuck ...

The two met for the first time in California in 1950, when Nixon was running a nasty, Red-baiting senatorial campaign against Helen Gahagan Douglas and Tuck was a student on the G.I. Bill at the University of California, Santa Barbara. A professor who knew of Tuck’s interest in politics — but didn’t realize he was a Democrat — asked him to serve as advance man for a Nixon appearance on campus. Tuck was happy to oblige. He booked Nixon into the largest lecture hall available and barely publicized the event; the 20-odd people who showed up watched Tuck deliberately fumble his opening remarks before announcing that Nixon was here to say a few words about the International Monetary Fund.

When the speech was over, Nixon told him, “Dick Tuck, you’ve done your last advance.”

NY Times: The lives they lived


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