May 1 2019
05:18 pm

Giant fire in my neighborhood at Ft Loudon Recycling!!! Smells bad at Oswald and Chicamauga. I hear there is PVC and other nasty chemicals burning. Wondering if I should evacuate. Also what do we need to do to stop this from happening again and again? Tire fire of 2009 anyone ? Have pics and video I’m trying to upload via phone.

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If you smell anything out of

If you smell anything out of the ordinary, I can only recommend you to evacuate imediately. I personally wouldn't stay around. I'm at, what should be, a very safe distance away and if I see anything unusually with the wildlife in my area, I'm getting out of Dodge by way of a Ford

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Why is Knoxville prone to

Why is Knoxville prone to giant industrial fires? Tire fire of 2009. Mulch fire of 2012. Now we have the Trash fire of 2019! Is this a case of bad enforcement? Non-existent regulations? Both?

I remember another fire at this same facility maybe a decade ago, which I gawked at much like I did today. Who is in charge of enforcing fire regulations at this facility?

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Good questions. We saw the

Good questions.

We saw the huge smoke cloud from Blount County. I wouldn't want to be around all that plastic particulates.

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The whole damn neighborhood

The whole damn neighborhood stinks today. I hear that the guy who runs Ft Loudon recycling is sketchy, and his immediate neighbors have been complaining for years. Who let him get away with this? City of Knoxville Fire Prevention Bureau? This must never happen again!!

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I could imagine the odor

I could imagine the odor getting into the neighboring homes and all the contents within.
I hope they paid retribution for this.

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From what I understand the

From what I understand the recycling market is bad and has been for a while, so getting money out of this company will be hard. It had 21k$ in fines last year for safety violations. Makes you wonder if there’s a better way to go about handling safety laggards.

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Recycling has become a

Recycling has become a necessity in our attempt to protect the enviroment. Should our government; federal, state, and local, take up the slack by implementing more control of these centers but also by offering more financial incentives to keep them open?
But for these companies to receive these monetary incentives, and for them to remain open, they should be required to carry a high level of insurance to protect the surrounding residences and businesses from incidences like this. These shouldn't be fly by the night organizations, but we do need them.

A recycling center should be a part of the solution for our enviroment and not itself the problem.

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Maybe we should offer grants

Maybe we should offer grants for local companies that turn our recycling into valuable products ?

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