Feb 11 2020
08:09 pm

Keeping my fingers crossed for Amy in New Hampshire tonight. I long ago narrowed my top two candidates to Klobuchar and Michael Bennet and have been sending both small but regular donations. I’ve considered other candidates along the way, but keep coming back to these two. I think Bennet is out of the running, but Amy is rising.

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Anyone else making predictions?

Anyone have a prediction for New Hampshire?

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So far she is doing well.

So far she is doing well. We'll see. I like Amy, have for a while.

Saw in the news that B. Clinton, Obama, and G. W. Bush did not win New Hampshire. Thus, imo, it's open as more primaries occur.

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I started out with her then

I started out with her then got seduced away but I'm rapidly moving back. I think she could beat Trump.

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According to a poll I heard yesterday.....

The Dems from top to bottom, our top six candidates are all polling better than Trump. This is a really good batch of candidates. Long on substance. It's good to see.

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Does this mean?

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I saw a new term today. Klomentum refers to Amy Klobuchar's momentum.

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Good to see her surge.

I like Amy. Her presence elevates the field. I feel tons better about the party not getting hijacked as long as she's around to protect it. We are approaching delegate deadlines for our primaries. Make sure someone signs up for her committed delegate spot. There is a chance she could pull a delegate or maybe more, but if no one has signed up to be a delegate, even if she wins the delegate, then no one claims the vote at the convention.I'm glad someone is both committed and following her in our community. Keep us posted.

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Is anyone concerned about the stories that Amy treats staff abusively or that she may misrepresent other candidates' positions more than is considered par for course?

Don't know how much weight should be placed there, but those concern me as does this.

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Can't say I am concerned

Can't say I am concerned about the staff treatment. Not sure it's really any worse than many in upper management.

Hadn't heard about her views on the environment. It seems every one of the candidates has a down side. This is the first time in a while I'm waiting to vote till the last minute.

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I have wondered about the

I have wondered about the staff treatment. I liked her a bit and came across it a few months ago as I read more about her.

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Knoxville visit

Amy is coming to downtown Knoxville tomorrow! Sat Feb 29.

Doors open at 8:30 am at the Downtown Hilton.

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