Jul 11 2018
01:11 pm

Are there buildings in Knoxville that do this?

"We all know the air outside is highly polluted, what we don't realize is that that same air goes into the building," explains Power. "What we are doing is taking the polluted air that would otherwise be coming in the ventilation system and making that completely clean."

The filter creating bubbles of clean air in London

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Snake Oil

As an air quality professional, I am sick to damn death of all the snake oil being sold online, and with the aid of press releases being regurgitated as news stories by people who don’t know chemistry from their ass.

No, activated carbon really can’t scrub NO2 in measurable quantities. 98% of the personal / home air quality monitors you see on amazon are shit and aren’t even useful as doorstops. DONT BUY THEM. If you want to buy one, email me, but be prepared to spend $300 to $2000 for something that will give you a meaningful result. Something that measures CO2 (not a personal air pollutant) to tell you “the air quality is good” is dangerous because it distracts you from data from professional air monitoring agencies, and letting your asthmatic kid play outside on a summer day based on a shit $50 Amazon / Kickstarter ‘Air quality’ sensor could send your kid to the hospital.

I’ve begged the EPA personally to regulate this ‘snake oil’ industry before people get killed (some probably have, statistically, by this point). It’s infuriating.

Now the idea that a $200 piece of crap is going to create a ‘bubble’ of good air quality around you is the height of both stupidity and self-indulgence. If you want good air quality, support proper regulations and controls, because you CANT create a bubble around you. It’s simple physics.

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You can have green plants in your house. Pretty good filters.

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