Federal immigration agents raided 98 7-Eleven stores across the country looking for undocumented workers. The 98 raids resulted in twenty-one arrests. Hmmmm.... Could it be that the raids are a waste of time or that they should focus on a different industry? Maybe they should go to Trump's hotels and resorts. How much time and money was wasted on this attack on 7-Eleven and these 21 individuals?

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My colleagues and I have been

My colleagues and I have been tracking these raids pretty closely. One of the central themes is that they are going after traditional employers of recent immigrants regardless of the legality of their presence in country. It's exceedingly racist and, like all racist thinking/initiatives, intellectually lazy. There have been raids on motel chains, gas stations, and so forth. The "thinking" here is that since these are loci of immigrant work usually owned by immigrants, just show up with your badges and demand paperwork. Because these folks are not necessarily knowledgeable about US law, ICE gets consent and searches, usually in vain, for undocumented workers. They essentially pick a place based on "who owns" it and raid it. They usually come up with nothing, but when they do, it's hot air for the bullshit Wurlitzer.

My personal suspicion is that these raids will be used as an attack on chain migration in US immigration law. How it works: Mr. Patel gets a green card and moves to the States. He is allowed to bring his immediate family. He has financial backing from family members in India who help him get a Dunkin Donuts franchise. He and his family work their butts off and build up enough equity to open another Dunkin Donuts. He's employing 20 people now as it is. His nephew, Pradesh, has just graduated from business school back in India. Mr. Patel brings, legally, his nephew over, teaches him the ropes, then sets him up running the second Dunkin Donuts. In time, Pradesh buys the Dunkin Donuts stores from Mr. Patel. Mr. Patel then sets up another business venture and brings over a cousin to help him with it. That's chain migration. Unfortunately, folks will come to visit their sons and daughters or aunts and uncles and over stay their visas. Many undocumented aliens in the US fit this model and are not in the country for any malicious reason.

Stephen Miller, Trump's idiot sidekick, has openly mocked chain migration as detrimental to our economy and culture. In fact, immigration is the ONLY reason our population grows and by extension drives economic growth. As for American culture, our culture is not having a culture.

Fun fact you can lay on anyone who uses the term "illegal alien:" being in the country illegally is almost always a civil violation, not a criminal violation. The preponderance of actions against undocumented persons are basically the same as being fined for breaking an ordinance. In the case of being here without a visa, the "fine" is deportation. That's the legal remedy. They are not criminals, by law.

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They essentially pick a place

They essentially pick a place based on "who owns" it and raid it.

The Mr.'s theory.

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Also, thanks for the

Also, thanks for the information on chain immigration.

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