A complaint filed with the Federal Election Commission alleges that TN2 Republican candidate Tim Burchett improperly accepted donations from local corporations.

(According to Brian Hornback. No media reports yet.)

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I reported it (but still

I reported it (but still paywalled).


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here's the complaint tho

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Thx. Looks just like the

Thx. Looks just like the filing re. Matlock. So, one of the other candidates? Emert?

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He's a Lenoir City guy, so

He's a Lenoir City guy, so bound to be Matlock ties

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Statement from Burchett

Statement from Burchett campaign:

"Van Shaver is part of Rep. Matlock’s campaign, and it’s truly sad to see Rep. Matlock following up his illegal contributions with blatant falsehoods. Rep. Matlocks’s complaint is as shoddy as his own FEC report, and cites companies that didn’t even contribute to Mayor Burchett. Unlike Rep. Malock’s filing, Mayor Burchett’s FEC report adheres to federal election laws. Perhaps the Matlock campaign should do their own homework correctly before trying to do ours for us."

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