Mar 17 2006
09:58 am

"We don't fear the future," Bush told donors who contributed $8 million Thursday night to support Republican House candidates. "We welcome it."

Well, I guess not if you are getting $8 million in one night.

I am not sure why we should be fearing the future. What does he know that he is not telling us? Oh, yeah. A lot.

The future is:
... "it's important that they stay in control of Congress to pass greater tax cuts, cut the deficit and make it harder for patients to file lawsuits against their doctors."

More tax cuts and cut the deficit? That doesn't seem to be working.

Fewer lawsuits against doctors? I bet this man and his family are glad this is not the case right now.

I do not fear the future knowing there are term limits for the President.

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I'm sure Dubyuh has no

I'm sure Dubyuh has no worries about the immediate future what with retirement due within a few years - thank God! - and the Bush/Walker Dynasty's millions to keep him in sippin' whiskey.

I think he should be a bit more concerned about the long term, though.  Mr. Bush and I will both see the wrong side of sixty this year.  A man that age who professes to be a born-again Christian can't afford a reputation for kicking old folks and children and otherwise ignoring the New Testament's red passages.

Maybe we could both risk waiting another twenty years and repenting at the last minute. 

nill illigitimi carborundum

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reTORT reform


It is it just me or are people frustrated with health care and its bizarre service delivery. I bet that "...make it harder for patients to file lawsuits against their doctors." doesn't sell too well these days.

Democrats should work on solving health care and counter propose:

We want to make it easier for you to see your doctor and Republicans only want to make it harder for you to sue your doctor.  

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