Aug 22 2006
09:01 pm

Here is a list of 11 ways the incompetence of the George W. Bush administration has exceeded what would be expected from normal human error:

  1. An administration official told Ahmed Chalabi we had decrypted Iran's communications and could eavesdrop on their conversations. At the time, Chalabi was in frequent negotiations with Iran as a member of the Iraqi Provisional Government. Chalabi told Iran. We can't eavesdrop on Iranian communications anymore.
  2. Arbitrary imprisonment of suspected terrorists without trial or charges or even acknowledgement that we were holding them was a gross human rights violation unjustified by the circumstances. This is not a dispute of their arrest or capture, but of how they were handled once detained. Such behavior is inexcusable for a nation respected as a moral leader.
  3. The Republican Congress under Clinton fought hard for privatization of military functions, arguing competition for contracts would yield efficiency and cost savings. They suceeded in privatizing the military. One of the first acts of Bush's tenure was to have the Army sign a ten-year exclusivity deal with Kellogg, Brown & Root, eliminating competition.
  4. Embryonic private prison corporations barely able to manage their cherry-picked inmate populations provided personnel for Gitmo, Abu Ghraib and several other prisons. Contractors are outside the jurisdiction of the UCMJ and would have to be investigated separately and tried in public court. The private prison industry is notorious for hiring guards who flunk out of the public prison system. The numerous military trials surrounding Abu Ghraib simply obscure the fact that the likely culprits are being pursued with molasses-like vigor.
  5. Afghanistan was armed with little more than rifles and grenade launchers. Iraq's air force and tank squadrons had been rusting in disrepair for a decade because the embargo forbid shipments of parts. Neither country had more than a civilian militia to defend itself, yet these wars have cost hundreds of billions of dollars.
  6. What was the value in reorders of the munitions dropped during Shock And Awe?
  7. Most of the $85B budgeted for Iraqi reconstruction was intended to repair and upgrade eletric and water systems, sewers, hospitals. Huge chunks of that money vanished and hundreds of billions more have been spent, yet most of these projects remain half done at best.
  8. A man advertising his cock on the Internet was being smuggled into the White House as a member of the press corps for over a year. He was even allowed to ask questions and report news.
  9. Most of the traffic headed toward New Orleans immediately after Katrina was detained at FEMA checkpoints throughout several states, often for more than a day.
  10. Government science has been rewritten or censored more in the past six years than in the past sixty.
  11. Saddam Hussein was not removed from Iraqi soil and tried in an international court.
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The Bush Administration has failed to nab Osama bin Laden, despite technology that enables shells to be aimed into windows via satellite. One has to wonder if, despite its protests to the contrary, if the Bushites aren't keeping him alive to continue to stir up the American public via the spectre of Arabic terror.


The U.S. has created new jobs more slowly over the past few years than in any other similar time span in a century. What new jobs have been created are the result of gummint spending.


The Bush Administration has turned 'taxation without representation' into a national mantra, as it throws away taxpayer money in an unwinnable conflagration and allows major urban areas to molder into ruin.

Sheez, do I have time to post numbers 15 to 1,987,456? Maybe not tonight.

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15 -- Choosing to spend its

15 -- Choosing to spend its "political capital" on bankrupting reforming Social Security, the Bush Administration failed to build a consensus even among its staunchest adherents, and alienates one of the most stalwart voting blocs in the country for years - senior citizens.

16 -- When forced to choose between pandering to racist paranoia among white suburbanites and big businesses whom have come to rely upon a steady stream of cheap labor, the Bush Administration chooses pandering to racist paranoia. American Latinos abandon the GOP in droves.

17 -- Is the Pink Scare strategy out of gas? How many times can you outlaw gay marriage to scare people to the polls?

18 -- In the time that it took me to write this, Exxon made another $20,000 in profits.


"winkin' at my peers," quotin' Thurston.

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19. No Child Left Behind in

19. No Child Left Behind in an attempt to destroy the Public School systems.

20. Politicizing the CIA and cooking the info to justify the Iraq war.

21. Exposing an undercover operation run by the wife of an honest republican in order to punish him for telling the truth.

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All great reasons why he's

All great reasons why he's such a good President.

Don't agree with all repub issues, but it's certainly a million miles better than the Dems can offer; at least up to now.

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I didn't know they had

I didn't know they had internet tubes in the Twilight Zone!

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One thing you can say for

One thing you can say for vacuous partisan retards, at least they have the courage to grunt and fart.

I wonder whether SayUncle will have the balls to directly address these examples of ineptitude above and beyond the usual middling inefficiency of big government.

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