This stuff with ACORN has one purpose. Well, two maybe. The first is to demonize Obama and every other Democrat for throwing in with a bunch of community organizing ne'er-do-wells.

Second is to disenfranchise voters by paving the way for GOP challenges in key precincts where ACORN and other community organizing rabble rousers have been active. Not only will this result in some legitimate voters being denied the right to vote, it will create chaos and long lines at the polls and lots of folks will just give up and go home disgusted.

And if none of that works, it sets up a lot of whining after the election when the GOP gets their collective asses handed to them. And maybe even a bunch of lawsuits to tie up the results.

This doesn't mean we should trivialize voter registration fraud, though, because it's a serious problem.

For example, if I told you that an organization was hired by a national political party to go out to swing states and pre-screen voters and only register new voters for their party and then shred applications for any others that slipped through, you'd be outraged that such a thing could happen.

But that's exactly what the Republican National Committee and Voter Outreach of America were accused of in the 2004 election. Investigations were launched in Nevada and Oregon, and the FBI was called in.

In contrast, no such allegations have surfaced against ACORN. At worst they are guilty of hiring people literally off the street and setting up voter registration quotas that dishonest employees game to get paid. And when these employees are caught, ACORN turns them in. In fact, ACORN is the victim of employee fraud, not to mention the baseless lies being spread by the GOP.

Ultimately, it's up to each secretary of state and county election board to verify voter registration forms, which ACORN is required by law to submit even if they are suspect (and which ACORN identifies as such). Election boards aren't going to register the same guy fifteen times, and they aren't going to register Bugs Bunny. And if you don't register in person you have to bring proof of identity when you show up to vote the first time. In short, there are plenty of checks and safeguards in place.

So this is much ado about nothing, and just another misdirection play by increasingly desperate Republican dead-enders who don't want to talk about the economy, foreign policy, or anything else of substance.

Unfortunately, with the help of scandal-driven national media reading sensational GOP press releases on the air, these kinds of smear campaigns work with low-information voters. Very few are going to go to the trouble to find out the truth.

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Voter fraud vs. Voter Suppression

Does voter fraud happen? Sure. Is it widespread? The data doesn't support that. Fresh Air had a good interview with one of the fired U.S. Attorneys who said he checked into VF cases in his state and could find nothing to prosecute. All the ACORN noise surrounds fake names (Donald Duck, etc) that can't be turned into votes.

Voter suppression, like we see in Ohio and Pennsylvania, has been going strong since 1996, is real, but doesn't seem to garner the attention of law enforcement or the Justice Dept. These episodes include

- last minute flyers scaring voters into thinking they will be arrested if they vote (unpaid parking tickets, child support, etc).

- Not enough voting machines in 'certain' precincts

- Requiring voter identification beyond legal requirements in 'certain' precincts

- Caging (sending letters to voters and challenging them if they come back undelivered, going through rolls of foreclosures, even though most states have laws that let you use your address if you were foreclosed on 60 to 90 days before an election).

- Jamming ride-to-the-polls phone numbers on election day (New Hampshire, 2002)

- Selective submission of voter registration forms

- Last-minute purging of voter rolls, not leaving time for appeal (Katherine Harris, Florida)

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On voter fraud

Good to see the distinction made between registration fraud and voter fraud actually understood in spite of everything FAUX News and the GOP has done to conflate the two.

We've had 6 years of Rove pushing voter fraud hard from the White House, even going so far as to fire 8 Republican US Attorneys because they couldn't dig up a case that would hold water. How many convictions in the US for all that extreme effort? ZERO.

Now let's look at voter disenfranchisement during that same period. Does anyone even need to go over the multiple cases, including lots of convictions, resignations, and current charges against GoOPers who would deny that most basic right of a citizen, the right to vote? It's damn unpatriotic, that's what it is! Why do they hate America?

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro."
Hunter S. Thompson

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ACORN broke the law and they

ACORN broke the law and they need to be held accountable for it. It is beyond funny that Democrats are downplaying this serious issue and all to protect their little Messiah. Where the shoes reversed there would be howls and yelps of protest from here to Mars over it. However, I do enjoy seeing the hypocrisy on display when it comes to a Democrat.

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Now Nobody

Or as Chevy Chase put it, "Jane, you ignorant slut!"

1) ACORN hired these folks to register voters. See, that's legal.
2) These folks occasionally made shit up. That's voter registration fraud. It's not legal.
3) ACORN reported these "made shit up" false registrations, as required by law, when they turned in ALL the registrations, as also required by law.
4) ACORN personnel testify against these people who made shit up, and help prosecute them.

All this points to ACORN being very, very strictly observant of the law and the reporting and prosecution of offenders.

Now how, pray tell, did they break any laws?
And who is this little Messiah of whom you speak?
[feeding troll completed]
Did that taste good troll with no name?

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro."
Hunter S. Thompson

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