Oct 20 2006
02:42 pm
Holy Bleep! Batman...
Republicans are now attacking poor old Dr. Dobson...and like...each other!
Newt Gingrich's former hitman and former House Majority leader, Dick Armey:
...Mr. Armey accused Congressional Republicans of “blatant pandering to James Dobson” and “his gang of thugs,” whom Mr. Armey called “real nasty bullies”...
Dr. Dobson threatened Armey back, probably while waving a bible at him:
...Dr. Dobson said Mr. Armey was “still ticked” over a long-ago House leadership race in which Dr. Dobson endorsed someone else, and he restated his warnings to Republicans that social conservative voters “would abandon them if they forgot the promises they had made.”
redmondkr's picture

Somebody sneak off and

"Somebody sneak off and do some stem cell research while they ain't lookin'."

That's priceless. And poor Dr. Dobson; what's a mother to do?


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