Jun 16 2017
09:03 am

Two "dangerous beyond description" Georgia prison bus escapees who viciously murdered two guards were captured by an armed resident in rural Rutherford Co. when they tried to steal his car.

During a three day manhunt and crime spree, the pair stole several vehicles, broke into two homes, and held an elderly couple hostage before stealing their car. They crashed the car during a high speed chase on I-24 after firing at law enforcement officers in pursuit.

The harrowing story reads like a crime novel, except it is all too real for the families of the guards and the traumatized elderly couple. Thankfully it ended without any further bloodshed. It sounds like a $130,000 reward will be shared among multiple people.

CNN: 260 miles, 5 stolen vehicles, 2 robbed homes: How fugitives stayed on the run

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So glad they didn't hurt

So glad they didn't hurt anyone else. Certainly glad that Tennessean was willing and able to stop them.

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