The "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" approach ....

And this overflow is "having a really destructive effect on health care delivery in general," he added. "There are ERs now that are repeatedly on diversion -- which means they can't see any more patients -- because there are so many patients with mental illness or behavioral problems that are populating the ER."

ERs 'flooded' with mentally ill patients with no place else to turn

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From May, 2016, Mayor

From May, 2016,

Mayor Burchett goes off on Gov. Haslam re. mental health treatment funding

Burchett said about half of mentally ill inmates are veterans and accused the governor of breaking his promise that funding would follow the patients after he shut down Lakeshore Institute in 2012.

“We closed down Lakeshore and everybody loves Lakeshore Park – but where are those people going? You drive under any major bridge in Knoxville, you’ll see the human cost.”

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From May, 2012, Summit Towers

From May, 2012,

Summit Towers and Lakeshore

With the closing of the Lakeshore Mental Health Institute, will the problems just get worse?

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From December, 2011, Mentally

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From Betty Bean,

From Betty Bean, KnoxTNToday,

Tennessee State Sen. Richard Briggs, “Should we not re-think the entire issue mental health issue and the consequences? Would it not be more humane to return to residential facilities where the mentally ill have ‘three hots and a cot,’ receive their medication under supervision, and be protected from predators? Would it not be less expensive than building another $40 million pod at the Knox County jail and also solve the downtown problems of chronic homelessness?"

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excellent piece.

excellent piece.

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