Jun 19 2007
11:14 am

Opportunities are still out there, you just have to rise to the challenge.

According to the Orlando Sentinel (registration required), people are willing to pay $10/week to have you pick up after their pet.

"It's well worth the price of admission," said Mary Newhouse-Gordon, one of Brott's clients. Newhouse-Gordon said she and her husband don't have the "time or energy" to pick up after their golden retrievers, Kramer and Mr. Peterman, because they both work 50 to 60 hours a week..."

The business is not new, just growing. Pet Butler was founded in 1998 by Matt “Red” Boswell as a one-person operation with an initial $1600 investment. Pet Butler is now a multi-million dollar national company, with operations from coast to coast.

The New York Times wrote about this nearly a year ago. According to, Matt Boswell, founder (Pet Butler), there was no shortage of office workers willing to trade briefcases for pooper scoopers. Each month he receives more than 200 applications from people willing to pay the $24,900 franchise fee.

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We've used these services

We've used these services before (Pet Butler doesn't have a franchise in my neck of the woods, but there's a private entrepreneur in our town who does this same service for $10/week after an initial consultation fee that varies based on the amount of "poop" that needs to be picked up.)

One of the more valuable services to us in the area of pet services has been mobile grooming. A enterprising animal lover here in East Texas began Kritter Kutz not long ago, and she does a superb job. And the $68 price is actually cheaper than the brick-and-mortar groomers charge.

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Just paid $48 for grooming

Just paid $48 for grooming our 16lb Schnauzer, including tip. Your area is quite a bit more expensive or your pet is much larger.

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I like the idea of a new busness, but

I can't imagine waiting a couple of days even to get rid of the poop in my yard. The smell is too strong and if I get lazy I end up stepping in it or having guests do it.

My daily poop scoop includes paper towels and a zipper type baggie. I put the poop in and zip~! No smell in my trash can. It works really well for me as usually the dog goes in the same spot.

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My pet is 80 lbs (90 when

My pet is 80 lbs (90 when his long flowing black hair is consuming him)... they also cleaned his teeth, nails, ears and shampooed him. Considering how difficult it is to find the time to even drag the mutt to the groomer, I would have paid more for the service. I highly recommend mobile grooming for those who just don't have the time to provide transit for their dogs.

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