Jul 11 2006
08:21 am
By: WhitesCreek  shortURL

As most of you know, I am helping out with some local campaigns in Roane County. It has been like living in an anthropological reearch project, listening to why some people are supporting certain candidates and what they believe of the rumors and gossip. It would be fascinating if it weren't so tragic. I want to hold off on some of the inside stuff I'm picking up because it really shouldn't be used in a campaign, but there's some funny stuff so I won't be able to hold it in forever.

I'm waiting for the negative ads to start...

(Read all about it after the break)

"Van Hillary has failed to tell us where he stands on the torture of family pets! Tell us, Van...How many times did you adopt a kitten in order to cut out its heart like your friend, Bill Frist?...Van Hillary...Wrong on Kitty torture...Wrong for Tennesee!"
(paid for by Citizens against killing kitties)

So my candidate has received a big union endorsement. But I'm curious...With all the right wing anti union blather, is a Union endorsement good or bad? At one time, there was a great divide between union members and the rest of the work force, but I don't think that stands any more. Neither is the Union endorsement as powerful as it once was, but it does signify a certain mutual respect between the Union and a candidate. It seems to me to be more of a "This person will understand our position and arguments on certain issues" rather than "This guy will give us what we want" as it used to mean.

Anyway, what do you guys think? I'm curious.



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