Aug 11 2014
11:35 am
By: Bbeanster  shortURL

“First, I appreciate and am humbled by the support of such a significant number of voters in this primary, my volunteers, and others who believe this is an important race. This is an incredibly close election.

While tonight's canvass shows our race within 30 votes, we will continue to monitor the votes that must be hand processed and evaluated."

As for any future political plans:

"This has never been about launching a political career. My only plan today and for the future is to provide the smart, experienced leadership our community deserves, both philanthropically and as a businessman, to solve the complex issues before us. I will continue to be involved as a leader on the Campaign Cabinet of the Greater Knoxville United Way, as a Trustee for the Knoxville District of the United Methodist Church, and as Vice Chairman of the International Young Democrat Union, among other local, national, and international non-profits and NGOs. Plus, I am happy to announce that I am the Chairman of the 2015 Metro Knoxville March of Dimes, March for Babies and launching my own non-profit later this year focusing on the needs of rural Appalachian communities. Additionally, in business, First Choice Medical and The Emert Group, continue to succeed domestically and abroad. The Emert Group recently secured its first African project, which is set to begin this October in Uganda. Our work now spans across the country and in several countries on three continents."

Jason F. Emert

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So, he's given up the legal

So, he's given up the legal profession and gone international?

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Vice Chairman of the International Young Democrat Union


Emert for TNDP chair?

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Vice Chairman of the

Vice Chairman of the International Young Democrat Union


Emert for TNDP chair?

:-) :-) :-)

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Will he be backing Smith?

Not that his endorsement is worth anything...

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The little sh*t

He'll never climb out of the dirty campaign hole he dug for himself.

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