Jul 18 2006
07:16 pm

Senators Alexander and Frist vote in favor of increasing federal funding.

The Decider promises to exercise his first veto.

Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.), who has survived two types of cancer, said he believed "it is a clear-cut question to use embryos to save lives, because otherwise they will be destroyed." Fertility clinics hold about 400,000 unneeded embryos, he said, and only 128 have been "adopted" by families that played no role in creating them. "A century from now people will look back in amazement that we could even have this debate when the issues are so clearly cut," Specter said.

Many of us don't need a century of hindsight to be amazed. 

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Did Dr. Catskill ("tears might spread AIDS") Frist

Did Dr. Catskill ("tears might spread AIDS") Frist do a Frist-Flop or has he been consistent on this?  I can't remember.


Never has the left been so right.

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Yeah, he did a Frist-Flop

Yeah, he did a Frist-Flop but that was several months ago when he decided the political winds were blowing in favor of stem cell research and announced that he had seen the light.

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So I have a question for the

So I have a question for the "Stem cell research is murder" crowd...What's your plan for the 400,000 excess embryos in frozen storage at fertility clinics? How do you propose to save their lives? Since you tend to strongly support Bush's wars, which are closing in on killing about that number of humans, why don't you think about these little blastocysts as soldiers in the war on disease?


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